This great number plate surround clearly expresses your opinions with regards to your favourite websites and your religious beliefs. Be aware that God did not *actually* create a website on the seventh day of creation, this is merely a humourous take on Christian beliefs, suggesting that the website is so great it must have had divine intervention. For further explanation of the joke, please email


Do you really love as much as you say you do? Now you can profess your love through the timeless tradition of postcards. Order a pack of 100 for your big OE, and eliminate the need to buy expensive, foreign postcards while abroad. Visiting the Eiffel Tower? Send a postcard. Walking the length of the Great Wall of China? Send a postcard. Suitable for every occasion.

$17.99 per 100 postcards

An Ithium space blaster for use in the online role playing universe. Simply log in using your standard gaming account, purchase the gun, and it will be automatically imported to your character's in-game inventory.

To equip the gun, type 'EQUIP ITHIUM SPACE BLASTER'. To shoot it, type commands such as 'LIQUIFY ALIEN MENACE', or 'ANNIHILATE SMALL CHILD'. Excess liquification of other member's characters may result in your account being temporarily suspended.


A wittily designed t-shirt, showing a small boy urinating on an unidentified opposition brand or website. The urination signifies a dislike of the afore mentioned unknown brand, due to the fact that being urinated on would be highly unpleasant. Guaranteed to extract laughs and praise from all that view it.


A once off, limited edition, life-size cardboard cutout with logo. Multi-functional; can be used as a burglar deterrent by placing in windows*, as a decorative device by attaching to walls*, in front entrance areas as a friendly greeting to visitors or to promote products in store. Due to the two-dimensional nature of these cutouts, multiple figures can be stored under your three-dimensional bed for later use*. Note that this is not actually a person.

* See this picture for examples of how a cutout is used in a normal home.