Mind Puzzles

Here at davy.vandevusse.com, our motto is "To further your understanding of the mind, to progress beyond mediocrity and towards eternity". We feel that Mind Puzzles are an essential tool to help train our brains in this never ending quest for knowledge. To quote Matsumosashi Tokamototsu:- "Our thirst for knowledge should be like a thirsty man in a desert, unquenchable".


Riddle 1

What has wheels, yet is not a car?
Can hold people, yet is not a house?
Can play music, yet is not a stereo?
Can be coloured red, yet is not a red brick?

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Riddle 2

I rearrange the land,
Shift mountains, fill valleys,
Block rivers, empty lakes,
Yet am powerless without one key part,
What am I?

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Match Puzzle 1 (Hard)

Match Puzzle 2 (Very hard)


Simon is standing at the North Pole, and starts walking south at 5km/h. Meanwhile, Edward is in Vancouver, and starts wandering eastish at about 4ish km/h, but stops for a few minutes to have a smoke. Simon comes across a crevasse in the ice, it takes him two hours to cross it, and he sprains his ankle in the process, limiting his speed to 2 km/h. Edward gets bored of east, and stops for a coffee and croissant. The croissant is filled with delicious cheese and ham. Mmmmmm, delicious.